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Dual Screen

$50 Special Offer on Dual Screen Configuration

Start the new year with an increase in productivity and comfort by converting your single monitor computer set-up to a dual screen configuration. Some studies show that your productivity can increase anywhere from 9-50% just by adding a second monitor. There is definitely an increase in comfort and flow. For the small investment in hardware and labour, a business owner will recoup their money within a short period of time and improve their computer working conditions for themselves and any employees they may have.

I recommend reading an interesting article from About.com that goes into further detail about this subject along with links to some available studies.
For a limited period of time, I am offering to set up a dual monitor configuration for desktops, which includes installing graphics card and configuring drivers for only $50 per work station. (hardware and accessories not included)

This offer applies within the City of Saint John, NB. Additional charges may apply outside the city area. 

Click here if you would like to schedule an appointment or request additional information.