Nextgen Referral Program



To increase sales of Nextgen products and services, we are establishing a referral program for certain qualified businesses. Businesses that could qualify for the referral program typically fall under any one or more of the following categories:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Building Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Lighting and Fixture Retailers
  • Home and Building Drafters
  • Home and Building Supplies

Registering with the Nextgen referral program allows your business to benefit from a 5% referral fee on sales from any qualified prospects referred to us by your business.


The first step to registering is to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives so that we can familiarize your business with the services and products that Nextgen offers. We will provide some catalogues and brochures that you can use when working with your clients. After this initial meeting, your business may then register on our Nextgen Referral Registration page. Once registered and approved, your business can start referring prospective clients to us. You will receive emails from time to time to update your business on our products and services along with technology information as it pertains to smart home and office technology.
Call 506-640-3666 to set up a meeting time.

Referring a Prospect

Whenever your business has a contact that requires any of the products and services that Nextgen offers, simply give them our contact information and fill out the online Nextgen Referral Form. We take care of the rest. It is important that your referral qualifies as a prospect according to the criteria below. We will send you a confirmation and status update on any referrals given to us.

Prospect Criteria

Your prospects will only qualify if:
  • Prospect has not previously done business with Nextgen
  • Prospect has not already been referred to us by another qualified business within our referral program.


The referral fee is calculated by taking 5% of the total goods and services Nextgen provided before HST on the clients invoice. Your business will receive a cheque along with a copy of the customer's invoice. Your business will have its payment issued at the time that Nextgen clears the customers payment.

Other Benefits

As a member of our Referral Program we would like to thank you for your confidence and trust in Nextgen. Our objective is to provide our customers with the best service and materials available on the market. We aim to continue as a leader in smart home and office technology within New Brunswick. In addition, as a Nextgen referral program member, your business will automatically qualify for preferred rates on any of our services or products.

Key Links after Registration

Nextgen Referral Form  Use this link every time you have a referral

Download Forms Page  Use this link to download data sheets to print or send digitally  Nextgen Homepage with extensive information on products and services